Welcome to Down the Wormhole!

Site under construction!

This template was generated by sadgrl.online and I'm messing around with it to fit my needs! Again, under construction, I know it doesn't look like much yet.

The purpose of Down The Wormhole is to have a place to post essays I write about anything that catches my attention! I do have certain interests that will crop up again and again, so be sure to come back to this page if you see something you like, because I will almost certainly write about it again!

Some of my planned essays cover topics like:

  • cryonic preservation
  • historic sailing ships
  • diy zines
  • deep time, ASLSP, and the ten thousand year clock
  • indie video games
  • radio astronomy
  • And many more such topics!

    As of Sept 2023 this website is currently under construction, and I'm beginning the process of writing! Stay tuned for new posts soon!